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Lesson N°1
Introductory lesson
 36 file - 282 Kb
Web Pages: 7 Images: 20
Arguments of the Lesson
  • What is Magic ?
  • Why does a magic school exist ?
  • The field of the magic
  • The magical events
  • The approach to the audience
  • The conjuring work – ethics

Lesson N°2
General basic magical techniques
 150 file - 1.863 Kb
Images: 110
Web pages: 6-Video-Clip: 18
Arguments of the Lesson
    • The tools of the magician
    • General basic magical techniques
    • Basic techniques Application

Lesson N°3
 1224 file - 28.8 M B (28.835 Kb)
Images: 500
Web pages: 29 - Video-Clip: 83
Arguments of the Lesson
  • The magic of cards definition and the programof the lessons
  • The magic of cards: objects and tools
  • Basic techniques and their applications in the magic of cards
  • Advanced techniques and their applications in the magic of cards
  • Card tricks
  • The magician and the audience
  • Reading texts

In this part of the course, we will explain you the main techniques used :

  • -           Playing card shuffle

  • -           Control of card

  • -           Break

  • -           Double cut

  • -           The Pass

  • -           Buckley

  • -           Double Lift

  • -           The Force (Force the choice of a card)

  • -           The Palm

  • -           Elmsley count

  • -           Buckley count

  • -           The tilt

  • -           Ascanio spread

  • -           The count with the thumb

  • -           Biddle move

  • -           Top change

Some advanced techniques :

  • -          One-hand palm

  • -          Ed Marlon’s convincing control

  • -          The counting little finger

We will explain to you the following card tricks :

  • -          Ambitious card

  • -          Ace exchange

  • -          Wrist reading

  • -          Card exchange

  • -          Twisting the aces

  • -          Six-card repetition

  • -          Confusion

  • -         Twinsting the aces (second version)

  • -          Card transposition

  • -          The card under a coin

  • -          Aces blending

  • -          The card in the pocket

  • -          The card in the silk

  • -          Invisible aces

Besides, we will talk about the faked playing cards and we will explain to you : 

  • -          A routine with Svengali playing cards.






Lesson N°4
 1178 file - 17.58 M B (17.584 Kb)
Images: 465
Web pages: 32-Video-Clip: 62
Arguments of the Lesson
  • Close-up definition and the program of the course
  • Basic techniques of the close-up and their applications
  • The advanced techniques of the close-up and their applications
  • Close-up tools, their applications and tricks
  • The close-up man and his audience
  • Reading texts
  • The test of the course
 In this lesson, we will talk about…
  • The palmed coin

  • False laying of a coin

  • Han Ping chien

  • More Coin Palm

  • The sleevig

  • Retention vanish

  • Techniques for matrix

  • The false thumb or ThumbTips - Applications and tricks

  • Close-up with a cigarette

  • Close-up with a cigarette and a lighter

  • Close-up with rubber band

  • Close-up with a glass

  • Sponge balls

  • Faked objects in Close-up

Tricks explained in the lesson:

  • Coins through the table

  • Three coins production

  • Three-coin vanishing and appeareance

  • One-coin production from two cards

  • Classic Matrix

  • Reverse Matrix

  • Small Silk vanish

  • Vanished cigarette in the spectator’s jacket

  • The slantwise card

  • Transformation of a bill

  • Disappearance and appearance of a cigarette

  • Disappearance and appearance of an alight cigarette

  • Change of a lighter into a box of matches

  • The dematerialization of the rubber bands

  • The glass which goes through the table

  • A splitted sponge ball

  • Sponge balls - Routine

  • The coin inside the bottle


Lesson N°5
Manipulation on stage
 914  file - 11,9 M B (11.935Kb) 
Images: 354
Web pages: 36 - Video-Clip: 66
Arguments of the Lesson
  • The magic on stage – Work in theaters – the main bases

  • Clothes In The Conjuring

  • The Conjurer's Objects

  • Conjuring Of The Cards For The Stage 

  • Flourishes

  • Back and Front Palm.

  • Production of cards on stage

  • Production of fan-shaped cards

  • The Conjuring Of Balls For The Stage

  • Flourishes with a ball

  • Balls on stage - Basic techniques

  • Ball color change

  • Conjuring with two balls

  • The balls servers

  • The shell

  • The Conjuring Of Coins For The Stage

  • The container in the production of coins

  • The Conjuring Of Thimbles For The Stage

  • The Conjuring Of Cigarettes For The Stage

  • The Stage Turn In The Conjuring

Explanations of manipulation routines

  • Card manipulation routine

  • Four Balls manipulation routine

  • Coins manipulation routine (the miser's dream)

  • Thimbles manipulation routine

  • Cigarettes manipulation routine

  • Simple example of a stage performance


Lesson N°6  
General Magic  
  784 file - 19,7 M B (19.705Kb)   
Images: 316  
Web pages: 36 - Video-Clip: 38  
Arguments of the Lesson
  • Definition of General Magic
  • Magical shops
  • Make our gimmicks tools ourselves 
  • The ropes – basic technique
  • Levitation of magical spheres – technique and tools
  • A normal newspaper for different magical effects
  • The silks – basic technique
  • Use of animals – recommendations
  • Server for animals
  • The turtledove and the magic – basic technique
  • The number of stage in the general magic


With the illustrated techniques, we will explain these tricks:

  1. A magic way to knot a rope 
  2. the cut and restored rope (method number 1)
  3. The cut and restored rope (method number 2)
  4. The rope through the neck   
  5. The three-rope trick   
  6. The ball zombie 
  7. The magical sphere
  8. The torn and restored newspaper   
  9. Water vanish and water production in a newspaper
  10. Magical separation of two tied silks
  11. Dove Production


Lesson N°7  
 280 file -  2,4M B ( 2.482Kb)  
Images: 111  
Web pages: 23 - Video-Clip: 5  

Arguments of the Lesson

·         The definition of the mentalism - preface
·         The paranormal and the extrasensory perceptions
·         The phenomena
·         The principles and the most used   techniques
·         Application of the techniques
·         Above the magic 

With the illustrated techniques, we will explain these tricks :

1.       Princess Card Trick
Booktest (first method)
Booktest (second method)
4.       The ideal man
5.       Divination of a value of a coin
The Vernon Touch
7.       The “summer“Telekinesis 
8.       Prediction with two dice
9.       Talk with the numbers (Ralph Monserrat)
10.     Numeric prediction - His number
11.     The woman of the miracle (Paolo Morelli
Déjà vu (Larry Becker)
13.     Index  mesmerism


Lesson N°8  
Great illusions  
 402 file -  5,2M B (5.271 Kb)  
Images: 267  
Web pages: 22 - Video-Clip: 3  
Arguments of the Lesson


  • Preface

  • The devices

  • The choreography, the music, the lights and the clothes

  • General Considerations

  • Great illusions

  • illusions for any Circumstance

In this lesson will explain these Great Illusions:

  • The suspension on three swords

  • The suspension on a chair

  • the cupboard of swords

  • The metamorphosis

  • The woman cut in two parts

  • The woman cut in two parts - Explanation

  • Levitation of a woman

  • The « small » big illusions for any occasion

  • The guillotine for the hand

  • The guillotine for the hand - Explanation

  • The sword inside the neck

  • The untied head



Lesson N°9  
Comic magic and Pick Pocket  
 422 file - 7,8M B (7.819 Kb)  
Images: 176  
Web pages: 22 - Video-Clip: 11  
Arguments of the Lesson
  •  The comic magic
  •  The observation of the artists
  •  The magic for the children
  •  The clown
  •  Tricks suitable for comic situations
  •  The pick pocket
  •  The technique of the pick pocket

Effetti spiegati nella Lesson

  • The spread out card

  • An inappropriate disappearance of a cigarette

  • The card on the back

  • An unusual production

  • A comical psychokinesis

  • The table without feet

  • The construction of a sword with a balloon

  • The construction of a bird with a balloon

  • The construction of a dog with a balloon

  • The disappearance of a watch from a spectator's wrist



Lesson N°10  
The tricks for everyone  
 424 file -5,2 M B (5.271 Kb)  
Images: 185  
Web pages: 20 - Video-Clip: 6  
Arguments of the Lesson
  • -          The tricks and the technique

  • -          The definition of the program

  • -          Tricks for everyone tours

  • -          The close-up for everyone

  • -          Other tricks for everyone

  • -          Final considerations


Tricks explained in this lesson:

  • The acrobatic return
  • An unbelievable coincidence
  • A bet is on the razor’s edge
  • The Brainwave
  • An experience of prano-carto magic
  • The twins
  • An impossible separation
  • Psychokinesis of a banana
  • A three-dice divination
  • Mysterious disappearance of a coin
  • An indivisible thread
  • An impossible challenge
  • Appearance of a cigarette
  • Materialisation of a coin
  • A divination through the chat


  • Final considerations
  • Referred texts

Lesson N°11  
The Magician’s job
Web pages: 8
Arguments of the Lesson


  • The Magician’s job

  • The situations of show

  • How to get the work?

  • The bureaucracy


Lesson N°12  
The Magical Organisations
Web pages: 4
Arguments of the Lesson


  • The magical clubs

  • The congresses

  • The competitions

Lesson N°13  
Final considerations
Web pages: 2
Arguments of the Lesson


  • Final considerations

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